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A showreel is an invaluable asset for any actor. It should be unique, tailored specifically to showcase your talents and ultimately improve your chances of gaining work. Your showreel is important and in understanding that I will endeavour to make it the best it can be...


For £150 I will create a complete showreel within 1 week (7 days)... All I need is your source material (with good notes of the approx time of your scenes), any photos, music and other materials you want to include, etc.

The package is as follows:

* Your completed showreel of approx 4-5 mins (including Montage sequence, full scenes, titles and contact details - All based on your personal needs/requirements).
* 5 x complete DVDs each fully packaged in a case with disc sticker and sleeve included. These are the same as a 'commercial' DVD but if you prefer a smaller 'mini DVD' case this can be created instead (a bit similar to the size of a CD case) or even just a sleeve with the DVD instead of a case. Please ask for full details.
* A seperate CD with your showreel as a file for you to use as you wish (example: youtube/websites/spotlight etc) This file will also be optimized exactly as requested by spotlight so you can hand it to them ready to go on their site or send to them via the internet.
* Your showreel and materials securely 'archived' for future additions/changes. These additions and/or changes are completed at a cost starting from £25 depending on what editing is required. (Please ask for full details in advance)
* Once an initial edit has been completed, you will be provided with a link to a secured private area of YouTube where only you can view it. We can then discuss any changes you require. Although this is the safest and most ideal way to do this there are other means and we can discuss in advance what best suits your needs.
* Additional DVD copies can be made in the following packages (including Postage and Packaging):
1 DVD = £4
5 DVDs = £16
10 DVDs = £25
CLICK HERE - For my full Terms and Conditions of service.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements - CONTACT PAGE

I am happy to provide an 'in person' or online and postage service, whichever is best. Please contact me and we can discuss what you need and what I can do to make your showreel the best it can and should be!

**** Sadly I am no longer able to offer this service as I am no longer working in the industry. This information will remain active for those clients whose work I have archived for future use.****

NOTE TO EXISTING CLIENTS - As you have been informed I will continue to archive materials for you and will advise on substitute editors and help with the transfer of the materials so you have a seamless transition to your next showreel.


Harvey Virdi Actress showreel 2012


Harvey's testimonial can be read HERE

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