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"A Cascade is a series of small waterfalls combining continuously"

CASCADE PICTURES is my vision of numerous creative ideas cascading into a singular visual reality. It is also a metaphor for my experiences and knowledge of the complete production workflow.


As a professional Runner in the film and television industry for more than 6 years, I gained invaluable 'on-set' as well as 'in-house' experience that helped shape my vision and professionalism.

During this time I discovered I had a talent for understanding the relationship between shots and movement and wanted to explore this through editing. This form of creative thinking came to drive my instincts as a filmmaker but also as a camera operator.

As I continued to improve I began to incorporate other post production skills.

Video effects became the obvious outlet for my other passion as an artist but also helped improve my editing and technical knowledge to a more professional standard. I achieved ADOBE ACE certificates in Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Encore CS4 and continue to update my knowledge as software and techniques evolve.

As a filmmaker I have directed 3 short films. 'Well Heeled' my most recent short was well received at the East End Film Festival, Short Film Festival of India and was also the Jury Prize Runner-up at the Tokyo Sunscreen Festival.

I am also a capable Camera operator and the designer of this website.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe Encore CS4


"If I could solve all the problems myself, I would." - Thomas Edison

Without the following people many of my Live projects would not have been possible.

Carrie-Anne Hall

Before emigrating in 1998, this Californian native had a personalised license plate that read BRITPOP. So it’s no surprise to her friends that Carrie now chases English rockstars on a regular basis.

She has worked with me as a Producer and Director on numerous 'Live' gigs for some of London’s hottest up-and-comings, although her real penchant is for conceiving stylish production music videos, referencing her extensive fashion magazine collection and her love of dark fairytales. Her splashiest project to date was a promo for London rockers, the Red Star Rebels. The song’s title: 'Just Another Drug.' On a miniscule budget she delivered a pumping club scene, complete with 50 extras and models; a gorgeous forest in Malibu California occupied by a temptress fox/girl; and an urban London street haunted by a chain smoking bikini clad Helena Bonham Carter-type with a weakness for shiny balloons. Understatement isn't really her thing.

For information on her other projects, visit

Jamie Montgomery

2006 saw the emergence of East London filmmaker Jamie Montgomery with his debut short film 'The Stranger' which was well received at Digital Debut and the Charisma film festival in New York as well as being an official selection at The Wood Green International film festival. The film was also shown on Sky Television. Jamie has since gone on to write, produce and direct two more short films including: psychological horror 'Chain Mail' and the vampire drama 'In your Dreams', and is currently a camera operator on the Wrestle talk television show.

He has worked with me as a camera operator on a number of projects, showing his versatility and professionalism on set. His above mentioned short films can be found at:

Warren Chung

Warren Chung is an Asian NZ Writer/Director who I have worked with on a number of projects over the years. He was the Editor of 'Well Heeled' and 'Just Another Drug' and has been an invaluable asset on numerous projects. As a writer he is highly skilled, focussed and with an uncanny ability to push his stories and characters, without fear, to any end.

He is currently in the process of finishing another inspired short film and completing his first feature film in the very near future with another surely not far behind.



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